Top 10 Male Grooming Tips That Every Man Should Know

Man having a hot shave in a barbers

We often get asked for advice from men who need a little help to look their best – but the list below should already be ingrained to EVERY man’s routine. These Top 10 Male Grooming Tips will help you look your best. Have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

1 | Become Your Barbers Number 1 Fan

The best time to book your next haircut is when you are actually at the barbers getting your haircut. It’s that important. By the time you have noticed you need a haircut, it’s already too late – and other folk will have noticed you looking a little bit shabby. Once you find a stylist who cuts your hair the way you love it – make sure you book them every time. We suggest getting your hair cut every 4 weeks  – depending on your style.

2 | Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

There is a flood of hair products on the market these days and it’s worth investing some time and money finding out which works best for you. We have a few rules – if it makes you itch, bin it. If you it makes you look like you’ve washed your hair with chip fat, bin it. If it smells like chip fat, bin it. Better to choose lighter products that don’t leave your hair limp and heavy looking. Your barber might suggest a good product – but do bear in mind, he’s there to sell you hair products too.

Man having a haircut in a barbers.

3 | Smells Good Sir!

Think subtle – not overpowering. Your choice of scent should reflect your image. Change your aftershave to suit your needs… everyday, night out, night in 😉 Spend some time in the aftershave department and try a few scents. Us men tend to have massive collections of aftershaves… but all we really need are 3 or 4 carefully selected ones.

4 | Your Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

What’s one of the first thing a woman notices? Your smile. It doesn’t matter how sharp you dress or how good you smell – if you open your mouth to reveal something from a horror film, the date is off. Chuck out your old brushes and invest in a good quality electric toothbrush and remember to change the heads often. Brush twice a day and book a visit to see your dentist every 6 months. Use a mouthwash too.

5 | Time For A Bit Of Gardening

Now here’s an area that open to much debate. To manscape – or not manscape. There is no excuse these days for not keeping your man garden tidy. You can pick up electric trimming tools at almost every major department store – and it only takes a few minutes to tame even the wildest disaster. There is no guide to how far you should go – that’s down to personal preference, but an occasional trim and tidy will go a long way to keeping the area hygienic and appealing to your partner. Aim to do some gardening every 3 to 4 weeks.
p.s… Don’t use the shaver you use on your face down there – buy a separate device for the job.

6 | Reveal The Beauty Behind The Beast

Every man should use a facial scrub about once a week as part of his male grooming regime. We suggest every Monday morning – that way you can remove any evidence of the weekend off your face and start the week afresh. Choose a good quality facial scrub – and a soothing facial wash for every other day of the week.

7 | Fuzzy Wuzzy

Just like your man-garden, taking care of your facial hair is vital. Evenly trimmed facial hair looks a lot better than scruffy, knotty fluff. Invest in a facial beard trimmer and learn how to use it to get the best from it. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you navigate your face.

8 | The Delicate Art Of Shaving

As I wrote in another post, learning to shave properly is a big challenge for a lot of men. We’ve all cut ourselves to bits and resorted to sticking bits of tissue paper all over our faces. Again, there are lots of good shaving guides on YouTube that are worth watching. Shaving is an art that can be learned. More and more men are leaving the wet shave to the barbers these days – choosing to visit them once a week for a traditional clean smooth shave. This is down to personal preference. If you are going to wet shave at home, invest in a quality razor and shaving brush.

Well Groomed Wizard Shaving Brush
Our Star Choice. The Well Groomed Wizard Shaving Brush. Comes with a travel case too.

9 | Feet… Or Talons?

When was the last time you pampered your feet? Women do it all the time – and us men appreciate it. Yet, we get offended when someone makes a comment about how horrid our feet are. It doesn’t have to be this way. Make some time every week to care for your feet. Cut your nails, use a pumice stone to remove any hard skin and use a foot moisturiser to soften the skin. Remove any junk from between your nails and look out for any sign of infection. Clean and dry your feet properly after every shower or bath. If you are fashion victim – and addicted to weird shaped shoes – consider giving them a break from time to time. I always choose natural materials for my shoes (leather, cotton..) as synthetic materials make my feet sweat – which can lead to athletes foot. Chcuk out your old shoes too – who knows what nasties are sleeping in them!

10 | Goodbye To The Monobrow

Tame those brows. I always get my barber to take care of my eyebrows – but they tend to just trim them with the buzzer – leading to paper thin eyebrows and a mess on your jeans. Better to have them done properly by a dedicated eyebrow technician. Most beauty salons have a an eyebrow specialist. Forget about the embarrassment of being a man walking in to a beauty salon – and just go get it done!

That’s just the first ten top male grooming tips – we’ve got plenty more male grooming tips to come (sign up for our free newsletter to find out when)

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Male Grooming Tips That Every Man Should Know

  1. I never took into account that men should also get a facial scrub at least once a week, and it is advisable on a Monday to be fresh at the start of the week. I will share this information with my boyfriend since he has been looking messy these days. It is because of his late night jobs and his constantly changing schedule. This will help him look better again with the help of a barber. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Millie. It’s good to see more and more men take pride in their appearance. Starting and maintaining a skincare/grooming regime is key to it all. You’ll know soon enough when your man has started skipping a few days here and there. After a while, good grooming becomes a habit.

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