Winter is Coming. Beat The Winter Blues

The blistering heat of summer 2018 seems a distant memory now as we storm through September towards the inevitable damp and cold of the coming winter months. It’s time to dig out the thick socks, wooly gloves and zip-tight waterproof jackets… but it’s also our favourite time of the year (who doesn’t love long nights in front of a log fire?)

Winter weather seems to attract a ‘grayer’ wardrobe.

Man In Grey Overcoat

Like a reflection of the dark skies above, we put on heavy dark clothes – the world seems to feel a bit heavier too – but it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t get me wrong, I am a big lover of men’s fashion in shades of grey, but even I appreciate the emotional value of colour when it comes to tackling the UK’s wintry blues.

So this year there will be no drab colours allowed in the offices of Watson & Brookes. Summer ties only please. Dark coats must be hung up in the cupboard and umbrellas preferably left to dry out of sight. Gone too will be any mention of the weather.There is nothing more annoying than someone posting pictures of snow outside their office – it’s snowing, we know, we see it too lol

Winter doesn’t need to be a cold affair.

It can have it’s own charm. A splash of colour can lift your mood. Don’t be tempted to dig out the old dark togs from last year. Brighten up your day. Buy some colourful new clothes. And if you’re feeling brave, get your fake tan on. Or travel to somewhere hot for the winter…

Many of us are affected by changes in the weather, but those depressed feelings can be lifted by making changes to the way you think about it. Yes it may be pouring down outside, or the snow is causing chaos, but it’s worth remembering that the weather is part of the cycle of our life. Choose instead to embrace the coming months and enjoy the beauty and variety they bring. Don’t follow trends and darken your attire just because the early nights have arrived, be yourself. Be creative. Be happy. A colourful tie or bright scarf to compliment your festive socks will go a long way to brightening your day.

Unless you are lucky enough to be able to migrate for the cold months…be prepared… because Winter is Coming!

Steve W

Steve W - Author Watson Brookes Male Grooming Website

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